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7 ways Obama spied on Trump For more Information

Exposing False Prophets.. $150 Miracle Water.. are you serious?

Is the Israel/Iran War starting now?

So Trump pulled out of the Iran Deal. Will this hurt us as a Country? For more of Steve.. Visit him

Kanye West is blowing everyones minds. Is this secret Trump supporter finally tired of the Hollywood Elite? 

Who would like to see 1,000,000 Obama's? Thats what the Formaer President of The United States is saying and wants. Has he lost it?

What do the Texas bombings say about America? Will we see more of this? Dive in, as Steve brings you some cold hard truths. 

Jake Tapper allows Parkland Students to attack Dana Loesch.. For more Info: 

Is CNN using Children to push their Anti-Gun Agenda? For more information:

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